The Digital Concierge

An app designed to improve and enhance the hotel experience, providing better, more convenient service for guests.

— Proof-of-concept prototype for the hotel guest experience / The Centre for Digital Media / November - December 2018 (6 weeks)



The Digital Concierge is an application developed for the iPad Pro 12.9 and will be available for hotel guests to use from a tablet in their hotel room. It is designed as a “digital menu” for guests to navigate and fulfill their needs with ease - anything from ordering room service to creating an itinerary for their next day.

The Digital Concierge is designed to serve the hotel guests without having to call the hotel concierge, allowing guests to fulfill their needs quicker and with less effort while also alleviating the workload and distributing it properly among hotel staff. In this way, the hotel concierge now has more time available to them to provide for any guests who may require extra attention and/or more detailed service.


Create a digital solution that would allow guests to interactively design their stay no matter at what point within their stay.


  • Client is a local prominent hotel

  • Application should be customizable to suit various lifestyles and type of stay

  • The great amenities of the hotel should be presented and made available to the guests

  • Future developments for the application



To create and design an effective solution we had to consider the unique circumstances of this situation - the pain points that exist for both the hotel (our “client”) and the guests (our “users”):


  • Have less patience and time

  • Tight schedules

  • High expectations

  • Digital interest and familiarity


  • Need to improve guest’s experience

  • Need human concierge’s availability

  • Continuously want to differentiate

  • Require quality service



Focused on 3 types of target users to cover a range of different guests and to understand the pain points and how our app could help them.

  1. Organized traveller → Wants to do, see, experience many things // Prefers to plan ahead

  2. Travelling on business → Does not have a lot of time // Needs an accurate and detailed schedule

  3. Traveling with family → Prefers family-friendly activities // May need more customized advice to suit their family’s needs

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To address these, we’ve grouped the possible solutions, organized them, and presented them in a way that aims to be quick, convenient, and intuitive. The app is designed for a tablet in the guest’s room and is able to provide assistance within the areas of:

  • FOOD




The food menu offers two options for guests: “In Hotel Food Service” and “Restaurants Near Me.” The first option leads the user to a digitized room service menu, where they can view details of the items and place their order as they wish. The estimated time of delivery is also provided, as well as payment options upon ordering. The second option presents users with a list of restaurants and eating places as recommended by the hotel, accompanied by a map and further details such as directions and operating hours.



This screen shows all hotel amenities provided by the hotel. The guest can browse through all the amenities, categorized into “Bathroom,” “Bed” and “Others.” After picking the amenities they desire, the guest can click on the button Request, and a message will be displayed informing him/her how much time it will take to have their amenities delivered. For the Clean Room option, it is also possible to set a different time, in case the guest doesn’t want to be cleaned right away.



“My Itinerary” shows all the events happening in the city on the selected day. By dragging the event to the calendar, the guest can have a clear schedule of their day. When clicking on the event, it is possible to read a quick brief of the event with important information, such as location and price. The “Send to Me” button allows guests to send their schedule to their email, taking it wherever they go.



The Digital Concierge was designed to accommodate the needs of all guests. With that in mind, we found the opportunities for many future developments such as:

  • Multi-lingual support To accommodate guests internationally

  • Allowing the user to “personalize” the digital concierge Be able to select and pin specific features to their home screen

  • Customizable features for different hotels The Digital Concierge’s interface will be able to reflect the hotel’s brand and identity

  • Multi-platform Will also be available on mobile devices, smart TV and kiosks, also opening up the possibility of more features

  • Intelligent chat bot This addition would be able to cover various needs of the guests and include a more interactive element


Project Manager & UX Designer — Meghan Ang

UX Designer — Zoe Zhang

UI Designer — Gabriel Reis

UI Designer — Fernando Pabón

Communications & Researcher — Negeen Farimani

Developer — James Kwon