A guided experience that emphasizes creative visualizations, timely notifications and fleet health at a glance in a single place. 

— A mobile iOS application proof of concept / Client: Finning / The Centre for Digital Media / January - April 2019



FinFleet — a mobile application for iOS that reimagines how consolidated machine performance is displayed.

By supplementing pre-existing data platforms, FinFleet provides a guided experience, timely notifications, and fleet health at a glance. This enables fleet managers to worry less about finding information, and more about using it to respond to problems in real time.


Design a mobile application that allows fleet managers to better manage their equipment, improve their workflow, and lower their overall project costs.

Consider users who…

  • May not be technologically savvy

  • Are on-the-go

  • Are already using pre-existing platforms to retrieve information about their machines (and will most likely continue to use it)



Valuable information at a glance We understand that Fleet manager’s time is valuable. Laying out relevant information in a simple, digestible format allows users to identify important information without needing to sift through large amounts of data.

Fully customizable — Users can group machines into customizable fleet variations tailored specifically to their needs. Machines can exist in multiple categories, and as a result can be analyzed whichever way is required.

Zoom In and Out as Needed — Users can get a general overview of fleet health, and can narrow down to individual metrics and machines. We designed FinFleet to ensure a seamless transition from a birds-eye-view of the fleet - down to the finest details.  

Stay in the Know: Anytime, Anywhere — Push notifications help users stay on-top of their Fleet. Alerts help guide our users to be more proactive on the go.



The design process involved constant iteration, user testing, and working closely alongside the UX designers.

By keeping the user in mind and considering the purpose of the application (to deliver data as quick and accurately as possible), the priorities for the user interface design was readability and intuition.

All style elements were to incorporate a high contrast, simple shapes, and an overall clean, modern look.



Colour was to be kept minimal and bring focus to data and information.

Red, Yellow, & Green — Accents & Information

Monochromatic — Background & Text


— 02 TYPE


— 03 ICONS

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 12.25.53 AM.png

— 04 LOGO

The app logo for FinFleet mimics the graphic elements of bar graphs to create the letter “F” in a dynamic and minimal fashion. The yellow stands out best against the dark background of the application, and the addition of the shadow against a white background allows it to stand out among other applications on an iPhone home screen.




UI Designer & Co-Product Owner — Meghan Ang

UX Designer & Co-Product Owner — Mohammad el Taki

UX Designer & Scrum Master — Spencer Thompson

Developer & Project Manager — Alex Castelán

Developer — Noa Avigad